Corona-proof your indoor spaces

ShycocanTM, an innovative new device proven to prevent corona and flu infection. Creates a safe environment for customers, employees and visitors.

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Re-open safely to visitors with Shycocan

  • Deactivates harmful viruses, such as coronavirus and influenza B
  • Neutralises viruses in the air and on surfaces 24/7
  • Each device is recommended for a space of 100m2
  • Safe to humans even while operating
  • Ideal for health centres, retirement homes, restaurants, shops, schools and other public facilities
  • Available at a list price of €929 per device (ex. VAT and shipping)
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The service before, during and after the purchase of Shycocan is excellent. (Sabine) Shycocan is excellent. Now when I go to the hairdresser, I feel much safer. (Piet)
Explore the evidence behind Shycocan

Neutralises viruses in the air

Researchers at TNO in the Netherlands have reviewed Shycocan efficacy studies and concluded that Shycocan is antiviral against several viruses, including coronaviruses that are considered as surrogates for SARS COV-2. Read more.

COVID-19 is spread by droplets and aerosols from in-fected individuals and via contaminated surfaces. Regular cleaning with disinfectants can keep surfaces free from viruses but cannot clean the air.

Shycocan uses innovative technology to neutralise harmful viruses both on surfaces and in the air – for additional peace of mind when used alongside your existing cleaning and safety protocols.

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Built on innovative technology

Shycocan was developed at technology foundation Organization de Scalene.

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