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ShycocanTM was invented at the Organization de Scalene.

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About the Organization de Scalene

The Organization de Scalene, which includes Scalene Cybernetics Ltd and the Scalene Centre for Advanced Research and Development (S-CARD), researches and develops cutting-edge medical technology. The organisation was founded in 1993 in Bangalore, India. There are about 180 employees, including microbiologists, biochemists, engineers and software developers.

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Why Shycocan was developed

The Group Chairman of the Organization de Scalene, Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, developed Shycocan. Dr Kumar is a pioneering inventor who is passionate about finding engineering solutions to human challenges.

Shycocan, which stands for Scalene Hypercharge Corona Cannon, was developed in late 2018. The first prototypes were successfully used to combat an influenza outbreak at Scalene’s campus in April 2019. In January 2020 the device was further developed to combat COVID-19 virus and has undergone significant laboratory and real-world tests.

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