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ShycocanTM effectiveness


What is the evidence behind Shycocan?

Shycocan has undergone laboratory tests around the world to test its effectiveness in neutralising viruses with spike proteins, such as coronavirus and influenza.

Prevents airborne spread of avian coronavirus Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. 6 November 2020.
Prevents surface spread of equine arteritis
(a surrogate for COVID-19, with a spike protein)
Laboratorios de especialidades inmunológicas, Mexico. 2 June 2020 (Spanish)
Laboratorios de especialidades inmunológicas, Mexico. 16 June 2020 (English)
Prevents surface spread of influenza B
(a surrogate for COVID-19, with a spike protein)
Laboratorios de especialidades inmunológicas, Mexico. 27 July 2020

Regulations in many countries prohibit laboratory tests involving COVID-19. For this reason, surrogate viruses with spike proteins have been used in some tests. These include avian coronavirus, equine arteritis and influenza B.

Shycocan has also been shown to work effectively in real situations.

Have any studies been conducted in Europe?

Independent Dutch researchers TNO have reviewed the Indian and Mexican reports and concluded that based on the tests done so far Shycocan is antiviral against several viruses, including coronaviruses that are considered as surrogates for SARS COV-2. TNO is currently conducting a brand new SARS COV 2 study, due to report in May 2021.

What viruses does Shycocan control?

Shycocan eliminates the threat of infection from viruses with spike proteins, such as coronaviruses and influenza.

Has Shycocan been shown to work in the real world?

Dutch funeral home

Shycocan reduced infections in Omen Uitvaartzorg, a Dutch funeral home.

Omen Uitvaartzorg installed 19 Shycocan devices in public areas, including waiting rooms, the ceremonial hall and the hospitality areas. Up to 30 people attended each funeral, and did not wear masks when having refreshments.

After Shycocan had been installed, the owners of Omen Uitvaartzorg experienced reductions in employee absence because of COVID-19. They also discovered that visitors felt more comfortable: once the purpose of Shycocan had been explained, they were reassured that Omen Uitvaartzorg was going to great lengths to keep visitors safe. There have been no COVID-19 outbreaks since.

Bangalore science park

In January 2019, Shycocan was installed on the Scalene campus in Bangalore, India in order to prevent seasonal flu. Instead of around 20% employees away due to sickness during flu season, the campus only had a negligible absence rate.

In 2020, Shycocans were installed in the homes of all Scalene employees – as well as their laboratories and offices. Scalene employees were also told to avoid shops and other outside venues. There has not been a single case of COVID-19 among Scalene employees.

Shycocan function


How does it work?

Shycocan uses Scalene’s unique technology photon-mediated electron emission to neutralise harmful viruses with spike proteins, such as coronaviruses and influenza.

The positively-charged spike on the virus are attracted by healthy cells to infect them. But if the spikes are deactivated, the virus is disabled as it cannot recognise and penetrate healthy cells.

Shycocan emits trillions of photons every second, which transform into a negatively-charged electron cloud that covers up to 100m2 of indoor space. These negatively-charged electrons cleave to positively-charged sites on the coronavirus spikes. This inhibits the spikes and neutralises the virus, making it harmless.

The same mechanism provides sustained protection against influenza B and other coronaviruses.

Does Shycocan kill coronavirus?

Shycocan does not kill coronavirus, but disables it by neutralising the electrical charges of the spike protein.

Shycocan safety


How do you know that Shycocan is safe for humans?

Shycocan has been extensively tested. It has undergone electrical, radiation and other consumer safety tests according to European Union standards and it is CE-marked.

The following EMI – EMC consumer safety tests have been conducted:

  • Radiated Disturbances (Emissions)
  • Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker Emissions
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) immunity test
  • Radiated RF Disturbance (Radiated Susceptibility)
  • Electrical Fast Transient immunity test
  • Surge immunity test
  • Immunity to Conducted Disturbance, induced by radio-frequency fields
  • Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity Test
  • Voltage Dips & Short Interruptions

In ozone safety test conducted in the USA and Australia, Shycocan was shown not to generate ozone.

Does it use any chemicals?

Shycocan does not use any chemicals, nor does it emit ozone, or ionize the air to produce reactive oxygen species, nitrogen oxides or other harmful compounds.

Using Shycocan


What is the list price of the Shycocan?

The Shycocan is available at a list price of €929 per unit (ex. VAT and shipping)

What spaces is Shycocan suitable for?

Shycocan is recommended for indoor spaces up to 100m2. It can be installed in any space where there are people, including restaurants, shops, offices, schools, places of worship, care homes, funeral homes, cinemas, health centres, hospitals, fitness centres and other public facilities, such as transport hubs and airports.

How many Shycocans should you install?

You should install one Shycocan for each room smaller than 100m2 that you want to protect.

Do you need to close doors and windows while using Shycocan?

Shycocan is recommended for use indoors. It is best to install it where the flow of photons from the device can easily reach all parts of the room.

Does Shycocan interfere with other electronic devices?

Shycocan does not interfere other electronic devices and the device has been tested and approved under CE Marking requirements as a Class I device.

Air conditioning and heating systems can be on, you should install Shycocan so that it does not impede air flow from these systems.

How many hours should you keep it on?

Shycocan is designed for continuous use. It is recommended to be on 24/7 to provide continuous protection – and it should be started at least 15 minutes before people enter.

What is the electricity consumption?

Shycocan only uses 0.04 kWh of power – which costs less than 1 cent per hour.

How do you know if Shycocan is working?

Shycocan has an indicator light in the front, which shows that the device is operational.

Technical specifications