Proven virus control

ShycocanTM helps you provide a safe environment for visitors and staff by protecting your indoor spaces from coronavirus 24/7. The Dutch independent Research Organisation TNO has concluded that based on the tests done so far, it can be concluded that the Shycocan system is antiviral against several viruses including corona viruses that are considered as surrogates for SARS COV-2.

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Peace of mind for you and your visitors

  • Proven virus control – In studies reviewed by independent researchers in the Netherlands, ShycocanTM reduced surrogate SARS COV 2 viruses by 99.7% within 5-15 minutes.
  • Provides continuous protection – Shycocan is proven in laboratory tests to keep deactivating viruses in the air and on surfaces while it is on.
  • Performs in real-world situations – Shycocan has been shown to eliminate the threat of coronaviruses and flu in protected public spaces
  • Safe to humans – Shycocan does not emit ozone.
  • Easy to set up – Shycocan plugs into a standard 110/240V – 50/60 Hz wall socket and there is no need for specialist technicians to install it.
  • Cost-effective – Shycocan only uses 0.04 kWh.
  • Complements your existing cleaning and safety protocols – use Shycocan for additional protection alongside your cleaning routines and safety measures such as social distancing.
  • The Shycocan is available at a list price of €929 per device (ex. VAT and shipping)
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Studies reviewed in the Netherlands

Dutch researchers TNO concluded that Shycocan is antiviral against several surrogate SARS COV 2 viruses. Read more

How it works

Shycocan uses photon-mediated electron emission to deactivate harmful viruses such as coronavirus, and influenza B.

Coronaviruses are known for the distinctive spike proteins on their surface. These positively-charged spikes are attracted to healthy cells to infect. But if the spikes are deactivated, the virus is disabled as it cannot recognise and penetrate healthy cells.

Shycocan emits trillions of photons every second, which transform into a negatively-charged electron cloud that covers up to 100m2 of indoor space. These negatively-charged electrons cleave to positively-charged sites on the coronavirus spikes. This inhibits the spikes, and neutralises the virus, making it harmless.

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How to use Shycocan

Shycocan comes with instructions about how to position and mount your device to provide real-time protection. Each Shycocan is recommended for up to 100m2 of indoor space.

Once you’ve mounted it, simply plug it into an earthed 110/240V – 50/60 Hz wall socket and turn it on. A later, any coronavirus in the space will have been deactivated.

Shycocan will continue to deactivate coronaviruses until you turn it off. Any new coronavirus coming in will be de-activated immediately.

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Safe to humans

Shycocan is as safe to humans as a mobile phone.

It has undergone electrical, radiation and other consumer safety tests according to European Union standards and it is CE-marked.

Shycocan does not emit ozone.

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Shycocan outperforms in effectiveness & safety

Shycocan is the only device that offers a fully comprehensive range of benefits for protecting your staff, visitors and customers against coronavirus.