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ShycocanTM offers peace of mind to business owners and operations managers, while reassuring staff and visitors that your premises are safe.

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Safely offer services to the public

Shycocan can safeguard any building frequented by customers, staff and visitors

  • Retail and hospitality – shops and restaurants
  • Offices – businesses, charities and government
  • Healthcare – hospitals, medical centres and care homes
  • Essential services – places of worship and funeral homes
  • Leisure – cinemas, fitness centres and theatres
  • Public buildings – schools, courts, libraries and police stations
  • Transport hubs – stations and airports

Real-world performance

Omen Uitvaartzorg, a funeral home in Wassenaar, the Netherlands, had experienced COVID-19 infections.

With up to 30 people attending each funeral, at times without masks, it was vital to find a way to prevent further outbreaks. Omen Uitvaartzorg’s management decided to install 19 Shycocan devices in public areas, including waiting rooms, the ceremonial hall and the hospitality areas.

After Shycocan had been installed, they found that not only were there reductions in employee absence because of COVID-19, but visitors felt more comfortable. Once the purpose of Shycocan had been explained, they were reassured that Omen Uitvaartzorg was going to great lengths to keep visitors safe. There have been no COVID-19 outbreaks since

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